Discussion Draft Follow-up


After yesterday’s discussion about discussion drafts, the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions released a draft of their version of the public option — but only the Politico received a leaked version. This would be one of those things that should just be directly posted to the Committee web site. It would help the public understand the ongoing legislative process and provide context to the eventual bill that we hope would be read by lawmakers.

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  • Dear Paul,
    Seems that what ever input we as the American people try to indorse. There are going to be complications due to the the amount of tax dollars that are recoverable. Due to in a time status of the existence of a person life. Not to say that we are not greatfull for congress atempting to better the lives of all the people here and abroad. Here is the thing that I as an American suffer the most from. I am a product of the fast and shinny portion of life that many have no sympathy for. I grew up as drug addict /alcoholic that suffers from the nation playing a blind eye to this factor. They accept 50 Billion dollars a year or more or less give to the Columbian Cartell. Now I suffer from Hepatitis C. and am dying from it. Now when is the American Government going to see how much this affects the current Social Security programs with millions of there own people here in The United States. I,m in utter embarassment because of my condition. I Thank You for your time