House Health Care Markups


This is a quick update on what the committees in the House have done with the health care bill since the tri-committee markups began. Both the Education & Labor Committee and the Ways & Means Committee passed the bill out of committee, while the Energy & Commerce Committee continues to hold hearings.

Education & Labor Democrats tweeted all votes on amendments, but the web site did not carry actual text of amendments or descriptions. The Education & Labor Committee also does not address how they changed the bill through the mark-up process and there is no chairman’s amendment.

Ways & Means didn’t release any votes on amendments. The site does carry a chairman’s amendment, in the nature of a substitute, to the bill, along with a summary description (you can see all documents here). So, at least we have a draft of what Ways & Means is looking to change when the chairmen reconcile their different versions.

Energy & Commerce is still holding markups sessions, but that hasn’t stopped chair Henry Waxman from posting a chairman’s amendment and a few other documents, including a number of amendments, to the committee web site.

While the process isn’t ideal, I think we’re seeing the committees make some real headway in releasing more information in a timely fashion, particularly considering the speed with which these markups occurred.