Senate Finance to Take Up Health Care; See Their Lobbyist Connections


According to First Read, Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus will announce his plans for health care reform sometime this week. Baucus and his committee are seen as the crucial stepping stone for the reform plan pushed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. The outline of Baucus’ plans will likely determine the shape and fate of health care reform this year. Due to Baucus’ import in the reform discussion, we decided to take a look at the circle of lobbyists surrounding both Baucus and the other committee members. By tracking former staffers turned lobbyists for committee members, we can see what other interests are involved in crafting the coming health reform compromise. Senators are not simply island unto themselves, but important pieces in a network of companies, interest groups and lobbyists trying to formulate policy. Hopefully, these visualizations help to make that a little bit clearer. You can see all of them on one page here.

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  • Rick

    New law to push: Congress cannot not work on any legislation having any effect towards a particular industry. For example. Notice who is taking in all the healthcare industry money, the ones writing the bill. This is so wrong in so many ways. Congress will never have the respect of the people as long as things like this persist.

  • alan schuman

    enjoyed your interview on NPR

  • Matt

    You have put alot of work into this. And it would be greatly appreciated, if I could see it. But unfortunately the print is too small, and the zoom effect looses perspective.

    Please consider larger font, and shorter lines.



  • David

    What if campaign contributions were considered taxable income? Seems to me that might help the situation a bit.