White House Releases List of Health Care Lobbyists, Execs


The White House made public a list of health care lobbyists and executives who have visited the White House one day after it was reported that requests had been denied for the visitor logs. Those listed as attending include PhRMA lobbyist Billy Tauzin, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) CEO Karen Ignani and American Hospital Association (AHA) CEO Richard Umbdenstock. This is pretty good turnaround after the hit the White House took yesterday on their initial refusal to release the visitor logs.

For the full list of health care visitors, see here.

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  • Paul,
    The most distubing bit of tid bit today was givin on the evening news tonight. There was the release of a opposing senate group that called themselves the “Blue Watch Dog” committee. Ever since the bigginning of time according the tree of knowledge we were all told the stories to watch out for the beast.
    The problem lies in this. The American people need alot nore help than a few senators trying to talk down this proposal because of a few men that should call themselves men. Instead of a dog. Here is where it really matters the most. Now top advisors of the Health Care Administration put a lot of effort getting the numbers right. The effective cost and budgets required to help the people of America. The research for disease, heart disease. multiple schlorosis, diabetes, blacklung disease, cancers of all types, common colds, flues of all varieties. Mental health isuues ranging from abuse, sex abuse child abuse, alcohol and drug addiction are at a phenominal high range in our own country. So I am personally grateful for President Obamha stepping up to the podium for all the american suffers. Nd the epedemic of the swine flue outbreak over the the next two years is enough to even scare the big bad dog club and their own families. I hope they can come out oz long enough to see the reality of the earths condition and start acting like men.
    Gratefully Yours America