Local Link Thursday


Here some great links from around the Web.

Center for Digital Government released the results from its Digital Counties Survey.  See which counties use digital technologies the best.

A few counties in Washington state have launched a video voter guide.   Voters will be able to click on a video and see statements from candidates on the ballot.

Beth Noveck answers a few questions on how the federal open government initiative will help all levels of government.

Sunshine Review links to a new manual on how to form a Citizen’s Audit Committee.

New York has launched its own version of D.C.’s Apps for Democracy, NYC Big Apps.

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  • Hello,
    There seems to be little comment on this blog. but heregoes it. we are looking for more comments from the local sector. about people can get more involved in their government. People who pay taxes should afford themselves this oppurtunity to voice their opinion. It is their government. As well as the true governor of the universe. And to put their own input of the independent sector of their world here onthe planet.
    we are at the biggining of a remarkable world if everyone gets involved. Maybe just maybe we can repair a broken world. More jobs and more money can be appropiatey funded for those who have a disire to make it work. There is alot of information for those who can stand up for a better nation. The young are probably the best area for this sort of funding in the future. More education and labor skills will need to be provide for. It will be slow at first ,but do not let the carpet be pulled from yor new oppurtunity. For more information get a hold of your local congressmen involved in your own community. See if you can help or be helped from now on.