We Need Your Help With Redesigning the FCC Website


The Sunlight Foundation is building a mock-up redesign of the Federal Communication Commission’s web site, and we need your help. Unlike our previous government website redesign projects — USA.gov, the EPA, the FEC, and the U.S. Supreme Court — we are asking for your ideas first, before we put pen to paper. So tell us what you like, dislike, and would like to see on a re-imagined fcc.gov.

To start off the conversation, we ask that you to focus on big picture issues. What kinds of information are missing from the FCC’s web site? How should its information be organized? How should it be presented? How should it be accessed and downloaded? To what extent should the web site incorporate social media/web 2.0 technology, and how should it be used?

Our discussion will take place in three different locations. Sunlight has two public Google groups, the Open House Project and Sunlight Labs, where you can join and participate. In addition, you can also comment on our introductory blogpost, which is available on the Sunlight Labs blog here.

If you have additional private comments, please contact me. We will read your comments, participate in the conversation, and look forward to drawing upon your ideas to create the mock-up of how the FCC’s site should be improved.

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  • Kevin Terry

    Big picture thought, feature Consumer topics prominently. Focus on top 3 statistical hot spots of the site. The long list of news headlines should be moved off the Index to a news section. I can’t imagine the typical American cares much about most of those stories. Create a box of latest news headlines but make sure they are citizen-focused and limited to 3-5 stories they’d care about. There is a lot of potential for this site. Good luck.

  • I have a lot of thoughts on this but no time at the moment to get them down. How soon do you need feedback?