The Senate Hates Young People, Trees, and Computers…


…or at least that’s what it seems like.

There’s not much in the way of justification we can think of to explain why the Senate hasn’t yet passed S.482, so the conclusion we’ve come to is that the Senate must have something against the interns, trees, and neglected computers the status quo is affecting.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Together, we can stop this cycle of abuse.

We can end the thankless hours of tedium forced upon our nation’s brightest interns. We can bring to a halt the needless printing of reams and reams of paper. And yes, we CAN put computers to their proper use in the Senate.

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Won’t you help us?

Please call your senators today and ensure they support S.482.

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  • We out here in the west are concerned that the rocks are to be blamed and the elderly are not being heard as well either. There is a strong wind about to blow if we cannot have a little more reckognizition. Now is the time to be concerned about the swine flu. And as Senator Spector was to;d by many by partisan’s that there not so safe against this epidemic. Lets pray that they can mass produce am effective cure before it becomes out of porportion. And we are thankful for the youth and their efforts of keeping an “Eye” on the on “Health Bill 3200”. Yes for what it is worth we hear you out west.

  • We actually do report any of our staff time that is spent on what may be considered lobbying activity every month.

    Happy to share our hours!

  • Krempasky

    Hmmmm. This kind of lobbying isn’t reported.

    • Yes, neither are the fraudulent letters that we send out in the names of minority organizations.

      As I said before, if there were grassroots lobbying disclosure it would apply across the board. I don’t think it’s so terrifying for an organization to disclose that they spent a couple hours making a video to encourage people to call their congressmen or senators. And we are happy to do so, as Jake said above. It might be more terrifying for jerks like Bonner & Associates, and their clients, who make a living off of crafting deceptive marketing techniques to stimulate or imitate grassroots support or opposition.

      I don’t get your point. Do you think you’re calling us out on something?