BlogHer teams with Sunlight to get healthcare facts out


blogherThis week, one of the top women’s online networks, is running a special series, “Beyond Mudslinging.” Blogher is inviting women who blog to come discuss the facts about health care reform, using and other Sunlight tools to get the facts behind the rhetoric.

“[We want to] try to move the conversation beyond partisan mud-slinging into a civil debate (or even just a civil disagreement) about the future of health care policy in the United States,” writes BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone in her inaugural post,  “As spin zones have become increasingly spittle-flecked, many voters — women in particular — are losing patience with drama and losing trust in the players. We want to talk policy.”

As part of the series I will be blogging over at BlogHer throughout the week. Here’s my first post, on how to use to read the bill. (Did you know that the word “women” is mentioned just eight times in the entire House version of the health care reform bill, which runs more than more than 158,800 words?)

We’re excited about this partnership looking forward to seeing what the BlogHer bloggers contribute to the health care debate.