What am I reading today?


The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) reviewed all 50 state formulas for disclosing stimulus contracts and found that New Hampshire gets it right. “A POGO review of the procurement websites from all 50 states (plus DC) found that one state—New Hampshire—has been posting original scanned Recovery Act contracts. This provides taxpayers with unprecedented access to important details regarding government spending.”

Michael Scherer at the Time blog Swampland writes about Howard Dean’s public disclosures about his non-lobbyist consulting work when he appears on television in contrast to the non-disclosure by Tom Daschle, who appears on Sunday shows to discuss health care without revealing that he holds UnitedHealth Corp. in his portfolio at the law firm Alston & Bird.

Sunlight’s Bill Allison uses the newly minted FARA database to explore lobbying by the Cayman Islands to keep their tax safe haven safe.

At Open Congress, Donny Shaw notes a comment left on the bill page for H.R. 1207 , the audit the Federal Reserve bill, that suggests the recommended GAO audit be released to the public. The bill only requires the GAO to release the audit to members of Congress.