Rangel releases do-over financial disclosure


When it comes to financial disclosure, the second time, apparently, is the charm for House Ways and Means chairman Charles Rangel. Real Time reported last February 28 separate instances in which Rangel had failed to disclose his ownership, purchase or sale of assets stretching back to 1979; CQ reports today that Rangel has filed an amended financial disclosure form that includes “hundreds of thousands of dollars in previously unreported assets”:

Among the new items on Rangel’s amended 2007 financial disclosure report were an account at the Congressional Federal Credit Union worth at least $250,000, land in southern New Jersey and stock in PepsiCo and fast food conglomerate Yum! Brands. None of those investments appeared on the original report, which was filled out by hand and filed in May 2008.

Obviously, the 28 occasions we tallied of Rangel omitting information from his financial disclosures is inaccurate–it’s too low. The Pepisco Stock, the land in Glassboro, N.J. and the Yum! Brands stock did not figure in our original count.