SpendTrend.us shows an uptick in actual pork spending


That’s what the Apps for America 2 honorable mention SpendTrend.us has to say at least. I like this entry a lot because it takes a complicated system like USASpending.gov and makes something really simple out of it. Where on USASpending.gov you have to navigate a giant search form SpendTrend.us gives us a simple search box.

The results are quite fun. Here’s what government’s actual spending on “pork” is:

government "pork" spending

You can compare different words (government likes red meat better than white meat it seems):


This app is novel, and can become very useful. With a little more effort, you could easily see the vendors for each contract, their place of performance, and all kinds of other things all from a basic search.

Congrats to Jarret Falkner for his great entry. Keep up the exciting work!