It’s Fedtastic!


If there were an Apps for America award category for best named application, I think we could all agree that Fedtastic would win. But it did bring home an honorable mention.

Fedtastic is a general data browser for data from and other sources. Inside, you’re able to see parsed, friendly employment statistics. You’re able to tell that the job of Surgeon has the highest annual occupational salary, and fast-food workers have the lowest. You’re able to see where the latest earthquakes are and get storm prediction warnings.

The simple, browsable interface is something you can spend quite some time in, answering a lot of questions about the US Government. It sports a zippy JQuery interface and feels fast and responsive. It’d probably make a great web-app for mobile devices, too.

This kind of generic educational resource is important because it makes data that’s hard to get to, more easily available. It also demonstrates the breadth of data available from the federal government. I hope it continues— there’s a lot to be done on it— permalinks can be added for each dataset, and new datasets can be constantly added.

Give Fedtastic a spin. It’s Fedtastic!