More TransparencyCorps


First of all, there’s a new TransparencyCorps campaign up today: How Many Votes? We’re trying get a database of the win percentages and vote totals for sitting members of Congress, for their last election. We’ll be publishing the results in SQLite and CSV form, as usual, and we’ll be integrating it into at least Congrelate, and a mysterious upcoming project.

In other awesome news, ThisWeKnow has taken the earmark data that we obtained through TransparencyCorps, and integrated it into their listings of data for cities. For example, check out the earmark requests for Pittsburgh.

And relatedly, fellow Sunlight employee Kerry Mitchell turned the data into a KML file, that you can view in Google Maps or load into Google Earth.

TransparencyCorps is an experiment, and one we’re finding increasingly useful. Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far!