recipient data just in

by posted information today showing that 30,383 jobs have been created or saved by the federal contracts that have been awarded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. So far, $16 billion has been disbursed by 9,100 contracts. The federal government is spending more than $525,000 spent on every job they saved or created.

The release covers just a sliver of stimulus spending: Most recovery money is in the form of grants and loans to the states; data from that spending–including recipient and jobs data–will be available at the end of October. So far, federal contracts make only about two percent of the $787 billion going out as part of the recovery process. According to the data, most jobs (4,695) have been created or saved in Colorado which received more then $48 million in stimulus finds.

As with the agency reports that put online a few weeks ago, this time too, the Web site offers a user-friendly map that can be searched by zip code or by state, and allows users to download the data from their searches. For a quick overview of how each state is faring or to look at the breakdown by agency, click on the “Text view of Map Data” tab to get a spreadsheet.