Correction: Fees for Livingston Group corrected in FLIT


Due to a data entry error, the Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker contained duplicate entries for fees paid to the Livingston Group by some its clients. We have eliminated the duplicate records. Some of the totals we reported in the two main stories that accompanied the release of the database have changed:

  • The Livingston Group’s earnings from fees paid by its foreign clients has been changed to $3.1 million;
  • The total money that various foreign entities reported spending in 2008 on lobbyists changes from $87 million to $85 million;
  • Turkey’s spending on lobbying stands corrected at $3.5 million.

Although every effort was made to double check these numbers, we did miss 28 duplicates among the tens of thousands of records. We deeply regret the error, and we thank David Lonie of the Livingston Group who graciously pointed it out.