House Health Care Bill Online


Earlier today, the House unveiled the final version of their health care reform bill. You can view the full bill here. The bill contains a time-stamp (look in the bottom left-hand corner of the bill) noting its introduction occurred at 10:05 am on October 29, 2009. We’ll be counting the hours before it is brought to the floor for consideration. Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised that the bill would be made available online for at least 72 hours prior to consideration. Considering the House is not set to take up the legislation today or tomorrow, the bill will have been available for the public to read for over 72 hours.

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  • May this bill pass and bring about the actual change it offers

  • May this bill pass and bring about the actual change it offers

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  • JMaguire

    In order to benefit from a public health plan, everyone has to pay something into it. When roads were first built across the U.S. how did they get paid for? Taxes and tolls are imposed to support the upkeep and maintenance of many necessities. So why shouldn’t we all want to pay something now, so that tomorrow there can be a more affordable, less troublesome health plan?
    The insurance companies have had it coming for along time. There is little regulation in the medical industry or insurance, and a public option would ultimately create competition for the big boys and that means savings for everyone.
    I read an article written by a number of doctors and medical professionals who make some rather interesting points against big business medicine.,com_sectionex/Itemid,200076/id,8/view,category/#catid107
    Big spending and little regulation has allowed the pharmaceuticals, insurance, and medical industries sky rocket prices for gains. The entire field is single focused on self preservation when in reality the entire industry needs to rely on the original goal, health care.
    Tax away. If it means not having to worry about how to afford a surgery or eye exam later on, why not pay for it now. Let the future generations have a little easier than we do.

    May this bill pass and bring about the actual change it offers.