Paranormal Legislative Activity


Some really weird stuff went down when Sunlight gave a Congressional bill and a camera to a local couple. Please watch this and share. Totally unexplainable.

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  • concerned

    Sometimes Things like this tho Satirical in nature are needed to wake people up to whats happening in our government.

    To all the Yellow dots like auntiehosebag and naoma who give negative childlike responces. Keep burying your heads in the sand. And then one day you wake up with no civil liberties at all living in a police state while your friends and family are carted off to a “reeducation” camp.

  • AuntieHosebag

    Idiots. Grow up.

  • Steve

    A bit childish and a lot naive. As a lawyer, I have had occasion to review actual law amendments. In the case of extremely complicated legislation such as this the process of integrating changes into existing law requires great care and a lot of verbiage in addition to the operative language of the new legislation. To dump on this legislation for its length and complexity shows a lack of understanding of the legislative process. It says nothing about the utility of the legislation itself.

    This is not to say that bad things don’t happen during this process but simply giving the public more time to review proposed changes won’t necessarily stop this. We need independent experts to review and analyze legislation and provide explanations so members of Congress and interested experts can inform themselves more efficiently about its contents. This takes money. It should be a high priority to expand and support the CBO as well as private experts some of whom will be lobbyists.

  • Gene

    This is funny , but its not funny cause our kids and grand kids are the ones who will have to try to clean up the mess!

  • There is a bill that never makes it out of committee – every year. It mandates that all submitted bills must cite constitutional authority for the bill. Obviously, Congress doesn’t care for something that would likely eliminate several thousand spurious bills every session. And the scary thing? Some of them make it! Look at pelosicare.

    Another often killed bill is the many ‘plain speech’ bills that would require bills to be written in language the average American understands. I would love for a politician to tell me that they can’t write bills in plain speech.

    The People’s business should be transparent. Hopefully, groups like the Sunlight Foundation will help push this forward.

  • What if the homo-sapien world in which we live in, has a legal, and moral obligation to define their vonacular language to the rest the the Americas. I’ve had family in the United States for over two centuries. They followed a dream themselves of getting away from oppression, and governmental influences that has acutally, had very non- supportive lookouts of what you call citizenship. Why are not looking at the right stuff here is all that I can say? Jake, God bless you for having an immediate heads up of Washington D.C.. But what it really boils down to is the watcfull eye of certain individuals such as yourself. To also put pressure on the a handfull of senators, does’nt seem to be in helping in the overall broad perpective, of why they were chosen in the first place. Or did their voluteer efforts suede them that way. Rob Bishop is our congressman for the west here where I live. We need you and the rest of your crew to help us understand just what this is all leading up to. If we are to expected to really know what the bill is trying to implicate for the welfare of all the people in America, instead of a certain percentage. Good luck in showing us what is exactly needed from now on. But actually 20% is a unfair amount for a caucus of 1.3 trillion dollar package introduced in the first place. We hope you can help them see that the people need it and not just Washington D.C.

  • Julie Adamson

    Wonderful! …..

  • Jim Houghton

    Good work, guys. Funny if it wasn’t all so infuriating.

  • Margaret Butler

    I love it!
    If Congress had to actually allow people to read the bill, do you think they could manage to keep it at a size you could finish in 72 hours?

  • Vawn Fishbaugh

    Wow, good way to raise awareness about this rediculas bill. I hope that young people realize that they will be on the hook to pay and pay and pay some more for this bill for a long time, if this democratic congress gets their way. Thanks for doing this. I love Mary Kathrine, great job!!!

  • This was AWESOME!!!

    FYI, a group of Voice Actors have for the last two months have been providing audio for the proposed health care legislation…and are currently recording HR3962.

  • Erwin


  • JerseyDevil

    GR8! Now we know how this has happened! What do we need? Garlic? A Crucifix? Silver bullet? HOW DO WE DEFEND OURSELVES????

  • AWESOME parody! Hilarious guys! Matches the style and feel of the movie dead on, and very true. Keep up the awesome work.

  • PJ

    Fabulous…great little film on a truly horrifying situation.

  • naoma

    AND A


  • Hysterical.

  • Richard Phillips

    Very funny…….no very scary…….

  • Kate

    this health care reform legislation is even scarier than i thought. thanks for the heads up.

  • Well, rather interesting. Makes you think-how much are we being played?


  • Kevin

    That was extremely clever. Great video!

  • That’s a very good illustration. Loved the earthquake as the bill grew. This is a snow job by Congress. Let’s hope they listen to We The People and this thing fails miserably. 2010 & 2012 are coming. Let’s clean house of all the crooks in Congress and Senate. It’s not about party, it’s about saving our freedoms and the constitution folks!

  • Ugh

    FUD. Why on earth would I share this video, it is just sensationalism. FAIL