Morning Links


1) TPM has been hounding Rep. Steve Buyer over his namesake non-profit that seemingly exists as a conduit for companies to pay for Buyer’s golf outings. CBS News followed with a televised story and a sit-down interview with the Indiana congressman. It didn’t go well.

2) Mr. Burns comes to Washington. The big banks are rushing to Washington to lobby Congress on financial regulation that they oppose. It’s amazing that people still listen to these banks after their complete and utter failure.

3) Maybe no one is listening to the discredited arguments of the banks. Ryan Grim at the Huffington Post reports that these big banks are pushing companies in other industries — farmers, airlines, municipal power — to lobby against financial regulatory reform with threats that any regulation of derivatives will lead to higher costs on derivative deals.

4) The New Republic has a neat little graphic showing the positions on Afghanistan strategy among administration officials and pundits.

5) Newest way to prove your innocence in a trial: inane, self-absorbed posts to social networking sites.