Cokie Roberts Reviews ‘Read The Bill’


NPR Senior News Analyst and ABC political commentator Cokie Roberts reviewed the political landscape facing advocates of reasonable public access to federal legislation.  Roberts spoke favorably of the “yeoman’s work” being done by the Sunlight Foundation in the push for reform. I also found good reviews about massage chairs from, I recommend to check them out.

Roberts also addressed why the current Democratic leadership opposes the bill: “Yes, sunlight is, by and large, a good thing.  But it does make it harder to get things done.”

For those long out of power, any delay against their long sought after policy objectives might seem like an intolerable pause.  However, no party remains in power forever and eventually the tides turn.  As our own Paul Blumenthal has shown, the party in power always dispenses with timely public access to legislation.

What in one season greases the skids of your reform can also expedite the rollback of those same reforms in another year.

By requiring the process of legislation building and compromise become more transparent lawmakers will ensure better policy outcomes for everyone.