Local Sunlight


Every week I climb into the depths of the local political blogosphere to find the Sunlight. This week I have highlights from Illinois, Louisiana, and Alabama.

In Illinois, City Barbs has a transparency rally planned for Monday to ask their local government to clean up their act. The DeKalb Citizens for Transparency sent out a press release saying they will have a rally and march to city hall where they will demand a more transparency government.  There have been corruption issues recently so the band of civic cleaners will march with brooms and vacuum cleaners to get their message heard.  Hopefully they will post pictures!

In Louisiana, Between the Lines has a post about earmark reform in the state. The state’s Commission on Streamlining Government recommended that earmarks be eliminated but Jeff Sadan doesn’t agree.  He goes into detail to find what the correct policy should be.  I like this post even though I don’t understand all of it but it is always great to see what is behind some common problems like earmarks and think through better ways to solve them.

In Alabama, Doc’s Political Parlor has a post about non profits that were  started by politicians given state money but are not being audited. Apparently three lawmakers got funds diverted for a tax and then created non profits to receive the money. The audit of the public funds has not happened around these non profits, it has been three years.