24 Days Of Local Sunlight


Today is December 1st and as we head toward the end of the year I wanted to start thanking some of the people that make my job awesome: the local bloggers plugging away day in and day out keeping their communities informed.

Some of you might know about my Local Sunlight features. “Every week I climb into the depth of the political blogosphere to find the Sunlight.” For this I read about 700 blogs a week and there is a lot of great writing out there (and a lot of pet cat pictures) that I am happy to highlight, no matter where it comes from.  This month I want to point out a few bloggers that really go above and beyond the call.

So today I thank Nevada’s Desert Beacon for excellent and thoughtful posts on a variety of subjects, not just transparency issues. While opinionated, as any good blogger should be, the writers don’t shy away from doing a little bit of  digging on their own.    This is always appreciated, a sign of a great blog is using source material and data in some way to find the truth behind what lawmakers say.

I got 23 more but feel free to let me know who your favorite local political blogger is.