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Our friends at OMB Watch have added Recovery data to The advanced search is available here. Heres a record for a recipient Real Time profiled back when Recovery data was only available on, and heres one for the Carson City Airport Authority, which we wrote about here.

In its release announcing the new site, OMB Watch says:

The database allows users to search more than 160,000 reports from recipients of almost $159 billion in Recovery Act contracts, grants, and loans awarded between Feb. 17 and Sept. 30.

OMB Watch obtained the recipient reports through, a website required by the Recovery Act and maintained by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. FedSpending.orgs Recovery Act data tab gives users flexibility to search, either individually or in aggregate, for prime recipients, sub-recipients, ZIP codes, congressional districts, federal awarding agencies, award amounts, and much more through a variety of means, including an Advanced Search function. Additionally, any search results can be downloaded from the site.

Another key feature of the website is that it shows the extent to which Recovery Act funds are passed from prime recipients to sub-recipients and vendors. This is done by creating a new field called net amount retained, which is the amount of money a prime recipient does not pass on to a sub-recipient or vendor. This also allows summary level data to be displayed without double counting Recovery Act funds.

Sub-recipient data is pretty messy in the raw dataglad to see OMB Watch taking this on.