24 Days Of Local Sunlight – Day 17


Today I want to send some appreciation over to New Mexico’s FBIHOP.

Written by Matt Reichbach, FBIHOP keeps track of all news New Mexico related.  Matt does a great job keeping on top of the issues of the day and relating them back to New Mexico.  He also does some digging on his own from looking at earmarks to sharing ways to get muckraking resources.  One of my favorite posts was this one about how the New Mexico State Legislature is set up to exclude citizen participation.   When a system makes it harder for people, who are not employed full time as lobbyists, to have influence then how can regular people make an impact?

One way is to utilize the internet to expand your voice.   Matt has definite beliefs and writes about them day in and day out and spends time getting himself heard.  The great thing about the internet is that it makes room for regular people to influence government in their free time.