CrisisCamp DC Wrapup


Haitian relief isn’t core to Sunlight’s mission, but we decided it was OK to step out of bounds for a weekend to help out. 150 people showed up in our small office space and quickly got to work. To read about the projects that were worked on and where they’re at, check out

The media picked up on it quite a bit– getting across the point we’ve been driving at for over a year now: developers have skills that can help all kinds of volunteer efforts and they’re willing to help out. Check out the story that American Public Media’s Marketplace radio filed: Devising aid programs on their laptops.

We accomplished a lot — through a very driven and regimented development routine, 10 projects got strong starts, though the work isn’t through yet. There’s still so much to do and room for lots of your participation. So if you’re free this weekend, consider contributing some of your time to one of the great projects at