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1) Arthur Delaney does a good job explaining lobbyist deregistrations.

2) Sen. John Ensign’s love affair and subsequent pay-off, cover-up is being investigated by the FBI.

3) The House Ethics Committee is probing the PMA Group ties of Reps. Pete Visclosky and Todd Tiarht.

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  • John Thacker

    Yes, a good article explaining that people are deregistering, and that just as much lobbying, if not more, is going on.

    The more important Washington is, the more lobbying will happen. Just driving it underground doesn’t help. The health care reform bill has caused an explosion in lobbying. It wouldn’t end by passing a bill, either, as all those interests would still be very concerned with changing the law.

    When the government gives out grants to automobile companies, or for green jobs, or for defense contracts, or anything, it makes sense to lobby. It’s the price you pay for an active government. If lobbying is the worst sin to you, then you have to reduce the size of government.