Transparency Camp East: March 27-28, 2010


After two extremely successful TransparencyCamps in 2009, and an unprecedented year of transparency victories, we’re coming together again in Washington to build on the momentum the open government movement has created.

With mid-term elections around the corner, vast amounts of new data becoming available through the Open Government Directive and the seeds of a national campaign for transparency being planted, 2010 is a year that government transparency can become a national issue with all of us working on different fronts.

And that’s what TransparencyCamp is all about. This un-conference will convene a trans-partisan tribe of open government advocates from all walks — government representatives, technologists, journalists, developers, NGOs, wonks and activists — to share knowledge on how to organize and use new technology to make our government transparent, accountable and meaningfully accessible to the public.

Our generous hosts at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management will once again be providing the space for our gathering, and many other partners and friends will once again be contributing to making it an incredible gathering.

One small change over 2009’s Transparency Camps is that we are asking for $20 upon registration. If for some reason $20 is something you or your organization cannot afford, we’ll waive the fee without question.

Your $20 will go towards covering a small percentage of the costs of Transparency Camp, however, the single biggest reason for charging a small amount is to ensure that those who register fully intend to attend. What we don’t want are people registering their name merely as a placeholder, and consequently prohibit someone else from attending who would otherwise end up down the wait list.

We’ll continue to update you between now and March as we prepare, but as with un-conferences, the “program” will be created by those that are in the room on the days of – so the most important thing you can do is simply get yourself to DC.

Can’t wait to see y’all here in March!

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  • Left, right or center… if you’re interested in making your government more open and accountable, this is a great conference to attend. And if you work in government, it’s inspiring to see the cool ways people are making use of the web and social media to share information with the public.

    Plus, the unconference format is fun. Here’s what I wrote about it last year.

  • Michelle Costen

    Why not introduce an idea for a “New National Declaration of Interdependence”, one that expands and more clearly defines the first Declaration of Independence, which has now advanced our nation to better understand by what has become self seen, that our participatory part in what self evident truths are and how they apply to each American and in relation to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    -May we also define what it means to have a candid government.

    Are we ready now to declare a new way of approaching Political thinking, and a new way of discussing politics, so as to keep resistance and anger from fueling our emotions so much so, that we don’t allow new and innovative ideas to be seen and expressed during political dialogue. What will advance this nation in the future is an entirely new thought on how we look at Government, first learning and becoming educated and aware of the necessity of working interdependently with each other and most importantly in relation to Natures God, in which our fist Declaration speaks of…

    Where will our freedom lead, if not governed wisely? We have seen the detriment to life,liberty and happiness by freedoms that have run ramped-

    The two we need is wiser communication in politics,so as to have a successful transparent government, and a New National Declaration of Interdependence that now fits the progressive time-

    We must establish Progress in America by declaring it as a nation….then define what that progress looks like….We declared our freedom as a nation, why not declare progress in freedom….

    Yours Truly,
    Michelle Costen
    Activist for Transparent Government which aligns with Natures God and self evident truths-