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1) The White House invites tea partiers to challenge them on transparency.

2) Matt Yglesias: Transparency: The Good and The Bad.

3) Toyota’s team of lobbyists.

4) Gene Weingarten decided to test the belief held by a plurality of Americans that Congress would be better off if its members were chosen at random from the phone book. Hilariously, Weingarten used the Washington, D.C. phone book.

If you care to listen, NPR’s Fresh Air has an interview with me up on their site talking about the White House-PhRMA deal. You can listen here.

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  • To the Sunlight Foundation

    Luckily I heard Paul Blumenthal on NPR tpday and was thunderstruck.
    Finally someone is bravely giving the world the proofs.
    You are fighting the fight for us. You have done the research to back up our suspicions and rage against the enormous power of the lobbyists and their giant industrial funders.l
    Big Pharma must be muzzled! We desperately need not only a public option , but a single payer health system.

    Now for another big disgrace…
    I am the proud and deliriously happy owner of a Prius, which gets 55 miles to the gallon I LOVE my car, and am understandably upset over this Prius problem:
    1- I have no doubt that there are Prius autos that have flaws__ even dangerous flaws.
    2- But has anyone considered that there might be sabotage committedon the assembly lines at the Prius factories?
    3- If you have seen the film, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, you will know that there are 2 huge industries which have huge financial stakes in killing this miracle car. The automobile and gasoline industries. Gm and the oil industry did it once and and others could and would do it again.

    Thanks for being there fighting the fights…
    Elaiine Mayers Salkaln