Morning Links


1) A trade group organized to lobby for the interests of foreign-owned subsidiaries hired a former counsel to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to lobby on campaign finance matters, i.e. Citizens United.

2) Business lobbyists change tunes on the estate tax. Previously seeking full repeal, they now aim to head off the sunset of repeal by seeking a lower tax rate.

3) In the land of visualiztions, the blog Floating Sheep examined the beer belly of America (the ratio of bars to grocery stores). If you live in the upper Midwest, you really like to drink.

4) Following on the heels of our reconciliation infographic, the New York Times features an Op-Chart showing reconciliation info going back to 1981. Really awesome stuff.

Oscars aside: My favorite movie of last year, In The Loop, wasn’t nominated for best picture. I thought it was the best movie about politics I’ve ever seen. If you have a favorite movie about politics, leave it in the comments (unless it’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, that movie is not allowed).