The Week of Our Lives


What happened here this week?

Rep. Mike Quigley intoduced the Transparency in Government Act; Reps. Quigley and Darrell Issa launched the Congressional Transparency Caucus; Ellen Miller’s testimony was interrupted amidst the health care reform passage fallout; Ellen celebrated Ada Lovelace Day by heralding women in the open government/transparency movement; Nisha wrote up the Transparency Blogswarm happening in concert with the Public=Online Campaign; and I began a series on the history of transparency.

Transparency Camp is this weekend. If you aren’t going to make it we’ll have cameras streaming video at Sunlight.Live. So check it out and/or follow the #tcamp2010 hashtag on Twitter.

(Since it’s dark and rainy here in D.C. I’ve been watching this sped-up video of the beach in Kauai set to Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” You should too.)