Correction and update on our Stupak 11 Post


We have made more corrections to the report we did on the Stupak 11. First, the simpler errors. We have learned that there are additional errors in the spreadsheet we posted along with the story–there were a total of four numbers that were overstated by a factor of ten. This led to us erroneously listing Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper among the five members whose earmark request totals increased for fiscal year 2011–her earmark requests actually declined. We deeply regret the error, and thank Rep. Dahlkemper for pointing it out.

We also overstated on the spreadsheet Rep. Steven Dreihaus’s earmarks–the correct figure was $33.2 million. Again, we deeply regret the error. We have corrected the spreadsheet.

It will not be of much comfort to either representative to know that in our original research, we had the numbers accurately, but when we converted the eight digit numbers like “$33227500” to more reader friendly figures like $33.2 million, we somehow managed to carry over another ten.

We previously corrected numbers for Rep. Charles Wilson here; Wilson’s totals were the two other inaccurate figures.

We will provide a fuller clarification in the morning, along with a revised post.