Frontline: Obama’s Deal (April 13, 9PM)


PBS’ Frontline is running an investigation into the various negotiations and deals that led to the formation of the health reform bill that is now law. The program should be incredibly informative and not just because it features yours truly. The program is called Obama’s Deal and runs next Tuesday (April 13) at 9 PM on your local PBS station. I’ve embedded a preview of the program that focuses on the insurance industry. If you’ve been following our health care coverage or simply care about the health reform overhaul, this will be must watch television:

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  • mark kennedy

    You can watch the full episode of “Obama’s Deal” online here:

    Click on the FRONTLINE Icon.

  • The three ways the government has to change the ways the economy of this nation operates is by a) legislation, b) regulation, or c) competition.

    Legislating that everyone must be insured to the benefit of the insurers, not addressing the missing missing regulation this industry has enjoyed for decades, and not providing competitive alternatives to the present system is what has happened here.

    As I said in a comment on the frontline page: “Moral leadership starts with not getting your hands dirty before you can begin to do God’s work”.

    The larger issue we face is how to deal with a President, Congressman, or Senator who does not take the high ground regarding our intrinsic interests. It is the foxes in charge of the hen house.

    We cannot afford to wait from one election to another to get representation we deserve. A few carefully placed recall actions would begin to strike fear in the minds of these crooks.

    Mark Ahearn
    Ahearn for Families

  • dave

    People like Baucus and Kunishi should be banned from running for office. They are there to serve the Insurance companies and drug manufacturers.

    Thank you Frontline. But you forgot (or missed) Kunishi advicing insurance company execs during the hearings.

  • A capitalist

    Does anyone see the irony of excluding the public option or is it just me?

    We need to have medical insurers face competion. The end users (you and me) win when and if we get insurers competing for marketshare. Let’s get these guys in the American game we call capitalism. As it stands now, the big providers are like OPEC without the concern of supply/demand issues. They got it made.

    Frontline: as always a great program. Thanks.

  • Hilda Holcomb

    How could the Democrats have any question as to HOW the people will vote in Nov 2010 and in Nov 2012.
    When the people’s wishes are ignored and a bill is pushed through with the people speaking loud and CLEAR that this is NOT the Health Care bill they want…..THEY are OUT of TOUCH…..
    I myself am a registered democrat…. BUT will vote against ALL democrats.

    This had been the most blaten act I have witnessed by our government…..
    We know best…… We know better than the people.

  • H. Seiler

    Thanks to Frontline. We saw this unfold, but it seems even worse when retold as a narrative–a theatrical production with dramatis personae one could not invent: bumbling Baucus, discredited Daschle, shrewd Ignagni, the “hypomanic” Emanuel, and a vacillating President.

    If the “overhaul” is implemented as written, we will see the life-threatening results of the deal-making.

    We have already seen the insurers object to caring for children with pre-existing conditions. They also object to raising actuarial values, i.e. spending a certain percentage of premium monies on needed care.

    We are now #37 in health care outcomes. Let’s watch the ranking plummet if the mandate is implemented, and the insurers are in the driver’s seat–in control of everything–threatening providers and patients alike.

    Time for single payer!

  • Scott

    Nice plug for Sunlight! Keep up the good work.

  • mary

    In my part of Connecticut, PBS isn’t carrying this show…it’s something about the Hubbell spacecraft. What’s up? Happening anywhere else?

  • PamelaRose Spencer

    It says there right in the Constitution it’s really A OK to have a revolution if the people that ya choose just don’t fit the shoes.

    Its time to get the MONEY out of Washington! Election reform is a good place to start. Throw them all out!