“Heart of the Matter” Finalist for Journalism Award


We’re honored to announce that our investigative piece, “The Heart of the Matter: How Congress and Special Interests Kept Crucial Clinical Trial Data Secret,” is a finalist for the NIHCM Foundation’s Sixteenth Annual Health Care Journalism Award.

In “Heart of the Matter,” we reported on the story of Bray Patrick-Lake, who participated in a clinical trial to test a heart device. After she had the device implanted, the manufacturer canceled the trial. Thanks to a successful lobbying campaign a few years before, the medical device industry had weakened legislation that would have required them to release clinical trial data when products do not make it market. Because of their political maneuvering, Patrick-Lake and the rest of us cannot access data collected for clinical trials for products that companies decide not to market. The industry continues to lobby federal agencies to preserve this loophole.

We appreciate the recognition by The National Institute for Health Care Management Research and Educational Foundation–by the looks of the finalist list, we are in good company.