How We Spent Tax Day.


Last Thursday the Sunlight Foundation had its first fundraiser in Washington DC.  We did this to benefit our Public=Online campaign so that next year we can get a receipt when we pay our taxes.

The event was a great success and we had a great time, so thank you to everyone that came!  And to all who wished they could have been there don’t worry there will be other chances to attend a Sunlight event.

A special thanks to the band Finn Riggins who contacted us and wanted to know how they could help our cause.  They put on a fantastic show and we are happy to continue to use their great music in our videos.  We also had some fantastic sponsors: Personal Democracy Forum, Tabaq Bistro, L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, MyTeks, Cake Love, Velvet Cupcake, V&F Coffee, Black Cat, Mr. Yogato, Gordon Biersch, Penn Camera, and TripIt all donated great prizes to the cause.

Of course the stars of the night were Jake Brewer and Brad Bauman who volunteered to be hit in the face with pies for the love of open government.

Again thank you to everyone who joined us and all who have supported the Public=Online campaign, we are just beginning!  If you haven’t sign the pledge and share it today and let’s continue the momentum for a more open and accountable government.

Chaos Theory