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Watch the trailer of Alex Gibney’s new documentary Casino Jack and the United States of Money. The movie covers the entirety of the Jack Abramoff scandal and should be excellent, after you watch it you are left with a feeling of going to the Sun Bets online casino and play for while. Gibney won an Oscar for his documentary Taxi to the Darkside and also directed the best documentary about the Enron collapse (something worth re-watching in light of the financial collapse). His talents should make this already vibrant story truly come to life.

Speaking of vibrant story let’s not forget what kind of crazy stuff is in here: gambling trips to Scotland, Angolan warlords, slave labor in Saipan, murder mysteries in Florida, skyboxes and free meals and on and on it goes. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how dysfunctional Congress was in the Abramoff era. This movie should fill them in:

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    almost cool!

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    good video..

  • That was a exciting video/trailer.
    Bush told he didnt knowed that guy, and took a picture with him. Then he lied, so seems that presidents are not the best and honest people in the world….
    I didnt understand so much about the video/trailer, but I’m gonna look at it 1-2 times more i think.

    Nice page, good info :)

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