In House and Senate, appropriators got most contributions from earmark recipients


The Center for Responsive Politics and Taxpayers for Common Sense — two of our favorite organizations — have released their comprehensive earmark and influence database for fiscal year 2010 requests.

Among House members, Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., a member of the Appropriations Committee, tops the list of members who have gotten campaign contributions from earmark recipients (complete breakdown here). Interesting to note that Moran’s top donor so far, Mantech International, got a $2 million earmark from the Northern Virginia congressman.

In the Senate, Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel K. Inouye received the most contributions from earmark beneficiaries. Inouye secured earmarks for his top two campaign contributors–Northrop Grumman got $1.6 million and Lockheed Martin got $2.7 million.

Joint press release for the project is available here and here.