Victory on FDA Data


Back in February, we were encouraging participation in the Open Government Directive conversations happening at federal agencies, since they were busy creating their open government plans, and in a uniquely responsive position.

Sunlight’s Nancy Watzman, submitted a request for the Department of Health and Human Services, calling on them to release a database on drugs, medical devices, and food recalls by manufacturers. Nancy has been writing extensively on HHS and FDA data issues, including our award-winning investigation, Heart of the Matter.

HHS was indeed listening.

Nancy has more detail at the Reporting Group blog, but the short version is that HHS has decided to follow our suggestion, and release this database, which we expect to be released in the Fall. This is a victory for HHS, a victory for public awareness of medical information, and a victory for open government.

Some of the best storytelling elucidates how our system works, and compels us to do better. That’s what is happening here — a productive feedback loop, and one we’re proud to be a part of.