Podesta’s lobbying ties


Last week we pointed out several fundraisers that BP lobbyists planned for lawmakers since 2008. At least nine of the eleven fundraisers invites we collected had Tony Podesta of the Podesta Group listed as a host.

Today, the Daily Caller using data from the Center for Responsive Politics has more details on Podesta’s clients — a list that includes other oil companies such as Sunoco as well as a range of green businesses.

According to the piece, “The couple [Tony and Heather Podesta] lobbies on behalf of a range of green businesses, too. For instance, the Securing America’s Future Energy Alliance paid Tony’s firm $10,000 a month for its help in “reducing America’s dependence on oil.” He also helped a solar energy power plant to get approval from the government to build their plant. On the flipside, Tony “monitors” cap-and-trade legislation for oil company Sunoco. Heather “monitors” cap-and-trade for Marathon Oil and Southern Company.

Besides cap-and-trade, Tony helped mining conglomerate Coeur D’Alene Mines when Obama environment officials had problems with one of its planned projects: dumping mining slurry into a remote alpine lake in Alaska, killing all the fish.”