DISCLOSE Act Passes the House


The DISCLOSE Act passed the House today by a vote of 219-206. Below is a live-blog of the floor vote on the bill and underlying amendments.

The House is voting on amendments to the DISCLOSE Act right now. You can watch the debate on C-Span or check in here for periodic updates.

Right now, they are voting on the King amendment to eliminate all limits on campaign contributions. It’s going to lose big. Yea 57-Nay 369.

Here’s the main manager’s amendment. (Warning: PDF)

Now, we have a vote on the Murphy amendment to require disclosure of the location (city, state) of the ad funder’s residence of main office. Murphy amendment will pass. You can read it here (pdf).

Rep. Dan Lungren is offering a motion to recommit. Rep. Lamar Smith explaining that the motion to recommit would provide to courts with expedited review of the bill were it to become law. There’s apparently much more in the motion to recommit. Onto the vote on motion to recommit. Recorded vote.

Here are some of the amendments that were agreed to earlier:

Amendment #3 offered by Rep. Ackerman: Would require covered organizations to report required disclosures to shareholders, members or donors in a “clear and conspicuous manner.”

Amendment #23 offered by Rep. Kucinich: Would clarify that the bill would prohibit those with leases on the Outer Continental Shelf from making campaign-related expenditures.

Amendment #10 offered by Reps. Pascrell, Periello and Grayson: Would prohibit political expenditures by corporations with significant foreign government ownership and corporations that have a majority of shares owned by foreign nationals.

Motion to recommit fails.

And here comes the final vote… (We have a non-monetary based pool–only respect will be won–in the office on the final vote.)

Time has expired but there are a few more votes coming in. It’s going to be tight. And it will pass. 219-206.