DISCLOSE Act Liveblog


57-41 cloture fails.

Olympia Snowe votes “no” on DISCLOSE Act cloture vote. For full live-blog see below:

The Senate is getting ready to vote on the DISCLOSE Act. I’ll be keeping tracks of the votes here.

Currently, Sen. Mitch McConnell is lambasting the bill as a partisan attempt to “rig the midterm elections” in favor of the Democrats. You can see our take on that stance here. McConnell’s arguments amount to a belief that disclosure mandates and requirements on certain types of speech that effect elections are equal to banning said speech.

“Democrats are trying to pull us off an agenda to create jobs to protect their jobs…” McConnell.

More Founding Fathers-theism. If they were here… they’d probably be really weirded out by all the technology and the lack of slaves.

Reid handing over the podium to Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“[McConnell] speaks for transparency in this body… but opposes a bill to bring transparency to our politics” – Schumer

“All we’re saying is you’re attacking us put your name on the ad.” – Schumer

(Am wondering if the speeches would be this canned and predictable if they weren’t televised.)

Yielding back to Majority Leader Reid: “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants…”

Vote time. This is the cloture vote. Sixty votes are needed for the Senate to move on to an actual vote. Sen. Joe Lieberman is not present for the vote.

(might miss some of these as they can come fast and in bunches) Yeas: Baucus Bayh Begich Bennet (CO) Bingaman Boxer Brown (OH) Kerry Goodwin Leahy Levin Feingold Nelson (NE) Reed Reid Rockefeller Shaheen Stabenow Warner Webb Whitehouse Tester Lautenberg Cantwell Wyden Inouye Johnson Franken Udall (CO) Udall (NM) Kaufman Landrieu Gillibrand Durbin Kohl Hagan Cardin Carper Specter Lincoln Dorgan Akaka Nelson (FL) McCaskill Dodd Feinstein Casey Burris

Nays: Alexander Brown (MA) Brownback Bunning Corker Grassley Inhofe Johanns Lugar McCain Roberts Shelby Vitter Bennett (UT) Wicker Murkowski Burr Risch Barrasso Sessions Crapo Hatch Snowe Hutchison Bond Voinovich Reid (voting no solely to bring the measure back up again in the future) Cochran Chambliss Coburn DeMint Collins