Mitch McConnell: DISCLOSE Act Hypocrite


The Lexington Herald Ledger nails Sen. Mitch McConnell down on his hypocrisy in regards to transparency for organizations trying to influence the political process:

Mitch McConnell believed in public disclosure related to campaign contributions in 1987. In a commentary published in the Herald-Leader, he lauded “post-Watergate disclosure laws” that help “flush out” politicians who “sacrifice duties or principles to get more money.”

Kentucky’s senior U.S. senator believed in disclosure in 1989 when he joined a Democratic colleague in introducing legislation that, among other things, would have required disclosure of independent groups or individuals who intended to spend more than $25,000 promoting or attacking a candidate. … McConnell remained a true believer in disclosure as a candidate for re-election in 1990, when he pledged to introduce a bill that would require full disclosure of donors to multi-candidate political-action committees.

Running for re-election again in 1996, McConnell supported public disclosure of all election-related spending, including spending by independent groups and contributions to political parties.

In a commentary published by the Herald-Leader the following year, McConnell wrote, “Public disclosure of campaign contributions and spending should be expedited so voters can judge for themselves what is appropriate.” … Given McConnell’s 20-year devotion to the Holy Grail of disclosure, it may seem puzzling to hear him speak of it now as if it were the handiwork of Lucifer himself. But there’s no puzzle to it. McConnell’s apostasy on this issue is born of a Supreme Court decision that took his “money as free speech” argument to its ridiculous extreme.

Now that corporations are people, too, in the eyes of the court and free to spend at will on political causes, McConnell doesn’t want his buddies in the nation’s boardrooms pestered by any disclosure rules.

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  • Hank Fischer

    It is time to move McConnel out of the Senate. He is unAmerican! When a Senate leader ignores the problems this nation faces to focus primarily on replacing a sitting President in the next election has lost his way. He is not serving the voters. It is time to retire Mitch.

  • Transparency

    The following needs to be disclosed:

    Look VERY CAREFULLY at who is protecting OIL PROFITS and FUNDING the Tea Party, Republicans, and your elections.

    1. Koch-Funded Organizations Launch New Campaign To Protect Big Oil Profits

    2. Corporate Billionaire Koch Brothers Fund Tea Party and Right Wing War on Government, Obama, Progressives
    Article: Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama. The New Yorker, August 30, 2010.

    3. Voter Beware: Concentrated Corporate Power Is Creating Deceptive Elections

    PLEASE DISSEMINATE THIS INFORMATION EVERYWHERE! You won’t see it in the traditional media. Please cross post this information everywhere — Facebook, Twitter, blogs, all of your contacts, etc.

  • dsimon

    “You intentionally leave out the fact that organized Labor & the NRA & other organizations are given an exemption in the “Disclose Act”. If the bill is applicable to all organizations, then pass it.”

    I think it was originally a “clean” bill. Regardless, If McConnell were serious he and others could have crossed the aisle and supported a clean version with no carve-outs for the NRA and other organizations. The fact that he and others did not allowed these groups to put pressure on individual Democrats to make a deal, and since the Democrats need every single vote to get over the 60-vote filibuster threshold, a few of them caved and the rest had to go along to get anything done.

    Then when the deal is made, Republicans criticize Democrats for making it even though Republicans could have prevented it had people like McConnell lived up to their principles in the first place. It’s a very interesting tactic, but it doesn’t help the nation very much–and it’s an an exercise in hypocrisy.

    (Something similar happened in health care. Had one Republican agreed to vote yes, the “corhusker kickback” would never have happened. But because no one would cross the aisle, there was tremendous pressure for special deals, and then Republicans criticize the Democrats for the deals that Republicans could have easily prevented.)


    But the 527s like and others are not corporations and not a Union or the NRA so they will have to comply, right !?

  • Dribbleme

    You intentionally leave out the fact that organized Labor & the NRA & other organizations are given an exemption in the “Disclose Act”. If the bill is applicable to all organizations, then pass it. If not, it is only a gift to the Dems’ cronies.