Ethics run-down


1) Federal charges against Rep. Don Young have been dropped after four years of investigation. The FBI had been investigating Young for allegations that he accepted illegal gifts from the troubled oil services company Veco.

2) Rep. Brad Ellsworth, running for Senate in Indiana, introduced a new ethics package that includes new rules on financial disclosure along with more draconian measures, including a lifetime ban on lobbying for member of Congress.

3) A juror in the ethics trial of Rep. Charlie Rangel is refusing to return $3,000 in contributions from Rangel. A spokesman for Rep. G.K. Butterfield simply stated that the congressman, “has no plans to return the donations.”

4) The closed-door meetings between corporations and the Federal Communication Commission continue. The Washington Post writes, “critics say that by handpicking Google, AT&T, Verizon and Skype for seven closed-door meetings that continue this week at the FCC, Genachowski could be determining the future of how consumers access the Web in a manner more favorable to those businesses.”