Poligrafting the news: Exotic Deals Put Denver Schools Deeper in Debt


The New York Times has an excellent piece detailing the complicated financial deal that the Denver Board of Education entered into with J.P. Morgan while Michael Bennet, currently the junior senator from Colorado, was the superintendent of the school system. The deal didn’t exactly work out as planned and Bennet went on to raise hundreds of thousands from the financial industry.

One thing that’s missing though is the interconnections between a lot of the players in the article, especially now that Bennet is a senator raising money in a difficult primary election. That’s where Poligraft comes in and adds depth to this story.

As you can see on the Poligraft page for the story, J.P. Morgan has since contributed $3,000 to Bennet’s campaign and Level 3 Communications, another company mentioned in the story, has aggregated $19,550 to Bennet. You can also see that the industry contributing the second largest amount of money to Bennet is the finance, insurance and real estate sector.