Rangel to Congress: Go get your shine box!


Now that’s what C-SPAN is for!

Rep. Charlie Rangel just took to the floor of the House to defend himself against ethics charges. In his speech he challenged the House to expel him if they felt that his efforts to defend his reputation were making them “uncomfortable.”

He also, for what may have been the first time, admitted that he broke House rules and apologized. He followed up his apology with a tirade against the notion that he was involved in anything corruption.

“Corruption!” he yelled incredulously while stating the ethics committee did not detail one act of corruption committed by him.

Rangel then began a Traficant-esque rant about some website run by some group, which he will tell us about sometime, that has been following him. “We know who they are!” he said as he flailed his arms.

His speech ended with a standing ovation from his peers on both sides of the aisle.