Charlie Rangel just doesn’t give a damn


Rep. Charlie Rangel today confirmed my statement from yesterday that he doesn’t give a damn about congressional ethics. While entering Rangel’s 80th birthday bash yesterday former New York City Mayor David Dinkins flipped the bird to protesters. Rangel says that that action sums up his feelings about the whole process.

“I cannot imagine who is not entitled to a hearing of the vicious charges of corruption that have been — ” he began. “As a matter of fact, I think Mayor Dinkins really expressed my view of the mess last night, in sharing with the people that said, ‘Resign,’ ‘Corrupt,’ and all of those things. I can’t find a better way to say it.”

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  • Do you know that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) is a total witch hunt operation passed by Pelosi in 2008 and totally unconstitutional. Porter Goss Cia nerd, is targeting Rangel.

    • First, it’s not unconstitutional. The House can create its own rules and by its own rules it created a body to cull through reports and referrals of potential ethical misconduct and then refer the matter to the House Ethics Committee for further action, or not. In no way does this violate the Constitution’s language allowing Congress to police itself.

      Second, the Rangel matter was referred directly to the House Ethics Committee by Rangel himself. The Office of Congressional Ethics was not involved in the Rangel investigation that is now headed towards an ethics trial.