Preparing for the Worst


I should say up front that Google’s been a great friend to Sunlight: they’ve helped support our contests, they’ve sent us phones and Summer of Code students to help our Android development efforts, and when I visited their DC offices a couple of weeks ago they let me eat as much candy as I wanted.

Still, I’d be lying if I said the incredible scope of their success didn’t make me a little uneasy. We use Google Apps for our work email, for instance, and YouTube is essential to our video production efforts. We’re as dependent as anyone else on Google for search, both as a tool and a source of traffic. I know we’re not the only ones to be a bit unnerved at being so reliant on the goodwill of private enterprise — and of course over the past few weeks, other voices expressing those concerns have become significantly louder.

So, while we’re looking forward to continuing to work with Google, it would be irresponsible for us not to prepare for the unthinkable. I’m happy to say that we’ve taken the necessary precautions, and today the future seems a bit less uncertain:

Of course, what happens after we run through our 1000 free hours is anyone’s guess.

(Many thanks to Pierre Huggins of Rox Chox & Blox Woodworking for lending his awesome fabrication capabilities to this ridiculous project (and to our own sysadmin extraordinaire, Tim, for finding Pierre via HacDC)