Registering to Vote Can Be as Easy as Renting a Netflix


Sometimes simple ideas done right can have an incredible impact.  At the Sunlight Foundation, we believe that TurboVote is one of these rare moments.  The project, launched by three grad students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, hopes to make voter registration and voting as easy as renting a movie off of Netflix.

After signing up on their website (, they will deliver the completed vote-from-home application and a pre-stamped envelope. They will also send you email and text reminders about the election deadlines so you never miss your opportunity to vote. TurboVote has all the convenience of the internet and none of the hassle of voting day.

We funded the TurboVote project with one of our mini-grants and now they are raising $25,000 to launch the project nationwide.  Can you please take a moment to help them by clicking to the left?