Bill Closing SEC FOIA Exemption Goes to the President


Yesterday the House passed legislation to close a loophole that may have allowed the SEC to disregard certain FOIA requests. The Senate passed identical legislation on WednesdayS. 3717 now goes to the President for his signature. Many organizations, including the Sunlight Foundation, had called for removal of the exemption which was created in the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory bill passed earlier this year.

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  • Please read my public comment to the Securities Exchange Commission:

    Be sure to check out the attached files #1 & #2 at the bottom of the comment page.

    Since posting this letter both the House and the Senate have voted to repeal SECrecy. Yesterday, the White House would not comment on whether Obama would veto the repeal of SECrecy. While at the UN Obama said “we will call out those who suppress ideas”.

    Please share this your staff, writers, reporters, friends, neighbors and associates. If you have any suggestions on how others can be made aware of this situation, I will gladly accept your recommendations.

    Have a great day!

    Joe Jefferis
    Dayton, OH