Bono Mack Committee Transparency Bill


Yesterday, Representative Bono Mack introduced a resolution amending House rules to require live internet streaming of all committee and subcommittee markups of legislation. According to Bono Mack’s official announcement of House Resolution 1675, this would “grant citizens the opportunity to witness and participate in the legislative process — start to finish.”

Bono Mack’s resolution is a rather simple but meaningful step that Congress can take in the direction of transparency. Sunlight has long advocated for streaming video of all committee proceedings and pertinent events such as the White House health care summit and the recent Republican open meeting with lobbyists. ¬†We’ve also recommended wiring all hearing rooms for live streaming and automatically broadcasting all open committee proceedings as a part of our package of proposed changes to the House Rules for the 112th Congress.

We commend the Congresswoman on her resolution, and hope that it may be considered during a lame-duck session after November’s elections or, at the very least, serve as a framework for broadcasting rules for the next Congress.