Outside groups spend $13 million in the last six days


In the past six days–Wednesday through today–outside groups have spent more than $13 million to influence the mid-term congressional elections, including broadcast ads, robo-calls, get out the vote campaigns and mailings.

Data in the Reporting Group's tool — Follow the Unlimited Money — shows that groups not aligned to any specific candidate have spent more than $122 million in this cycle with committees registering to receive unlimited contributions — the Super PACs — totaling $12 million.

The National Association of Realtors spent more than $2.4 million over the last four days, supporting both Democratic and Republican candidates across the country; Americans for Job Security was second ($570,000) followed by Revere America ($456,000) — a new organization concentrating on running healthcare ads.

Outside groups were overwhelmed by the amount spent by the National Republican Congressional Committee, which disclosed $5.3 million worth of political activity–in sharp contrast to their Democratic counterparts, which disclosed only $315,000.