Contractor Super PAC Alaskans Standing Together backs Murkowski


Alaskans Standing Together, a Super PAC that takes unlimited contributions from any source, raised $805,000 in contributions from nine federal contractors, all of them Alaska Native corporations, and is spending its money—$595,000 so far—to support the state's incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski, known for bringing back federal money to Alaska, lost the Republican primary to Joe Miller and is waging a write-in campaign to retain her seat.

In a press release by NANA Regional Corporation, one of the donors to Alaskans Standing Together, the company acknowledges her record of "securing funding for [. . .] infrastructure improvements" and  committment to resource development, such as oil and gas—major factors for economic stability of Native Americans in Alaska. 

Alaskans Standing Together appears to be the only Super PAC–groups that file with Federal Election Commission declaring their intention, allowed by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United ruling, to make only independent expenditures while raising funds in unlimited amounts–to raise money exclusively from corporations. It is impossible to say whether other groups do the same, since many of them are not required to disclose their donors. Alaskans Standing Together filed with the FEC on Sept. 23, 2010, and raised its money in a five day period starting on Sept. 25. 

The group is running ads that explicitly attack Miller for his position on bringing federal dollars to Alaska.

See some of the federal contracts awarded to the nine companies, from